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11/7/2018 10:42:42 AM

    St. Thomas Police are investigating a scam.

A resident of the Railway city was recently the victim of a jewelry scam, which cost him $80.

The man was on the front lawn of his East Street residence when two men driving a white Mercedes van approached him and explained in broken English that they needed money for gas to get back to Toronto.

One of the men offered to leave his ring and bracelet with the victim as collateral in return for $80 cash.

The jewelry was inspected by the victim and appeared to be worth more than the $80 loan making it seem reasonable that the men would want to return and collect the ring and bracelet.

While the victim went into his house to get the money the suspects swapped out the jewelry with worthless pieces.

The men left with the cash and never returned.

The victim realized he had been scammed the next day when he looked at the jewelry again and realized it was fake.

If you have any information about his fraud, please contact Police or Crime Stoppers.

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