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10/11/2018 5:51:50 AM

October 17th is fast approaching and in less than a week marijuana will be legal in Canada. Ontario's Attorney General, Caroline Mulroney, was in Pembroke last night at Dineamics Food & Drink with the local MPP and Minister of Transportation, John Yakabuski. Both had a lot to tell myFM about the legalization process of marijuana. Mulroney says while a price hasn't been determined yet, they hope to undercut the black market.


Mulroney adds when it comes down to it most of the rules and restrictions will fall into the hands of local municipalities. Yakabuski says in terms of smoking and driving there's a long way to go before everything is perfected.

    Both MPP's agreed that legalization is about keeping drugs out of the hands of children while keeping communities and roads safe. Mulroney says there's many challenges with getting all the rules and regulations in place. She adds anyone who wants to sell weed when it's legal should probably stop selling it now.


The attorney general adds while you will be able to smoke pot in the same places you can smoke cigarettes it will be up to each municipality to adjust bylaws accordingly. Mulroney says one way or another it will be legal next week and people need a place to smoke it.

    Under the Smoke Free Ontario Act, cannabis will be able to be smoked anywhere cigarettes are with the exception of motor vehicles. Mulroney adds municipalities will have the final say on whether they opt in or out of selling it all together. She says the new council elected will have to set out guidelines and bylaws for each municipality. October 17th, which is next Wednesday, is when marijuana will become legal across the country. In Ontario the only legal way to buy cannabis is through the Ontario Cannabis Store until April 1st, 2019.    

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