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8/8/2018 10:16:09 AM

Premier Doug Ford announced that his government will be lowering the price floor of beer from $1.25 to $1 per beer. The "Buck-a-Beer" pricing was a campaign promise that Ford made leading up to the June Provincial Election.
The regulation is for all beer with 5.6 per cent alcohol volume or less.
Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Railway City Brewing Company Paul Corriveau says that this will benefit the big companies.

    Corriveau says that until the government reduces some of the taxes on beer that the consumer does not see, simply telling producers they can sell for less does little to help the end consumer.
LCBO promotions, in store displays and shelf space has been offered in the 'Buck-a-Beer Challenge' to breweries that lower their price by August 27th as a way to encourage breweries to participate.
Corriveau says that removing beers at a higher price point from the shelves will earn the province less.

Corriveau says that Railway City Brewing Company will compete with the buck a beer pricing where they can but he believes that it will be difficult for craft breweries in the province.

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