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2/12/2018 8:15:13 PM

The sharps disposal kiosk at City Hall will be moved in the Springtime. Council has voted to move the disposal kiosk from the Mondamin Street location to the North East corner of City Hall next to the parking lot.
This comes after Councilor Gary Clarke brought a motion to reconsider the location of the bin that was passed at last week's council meeting (February 5).
Clarke says that he brought the issue back up to council because he was not pleased with the Mondamin Street location.

The motion on February 5th included a provision that the bin be cleared out as needed as opposed to biweekly to help prevent the bin overflowing.
Clarke says that he is pleased with the new location and believes it will be more beneficial for everyone.

    The location will be moved once the weather improves in the Spring.    

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